6 Undiscovered Landscapes in Laos| Top Off the Beaten Track in Laos for Indian Travelers

6 off the beaten track in Laos

Let’s discover 6 Undiscovered Landscapes in Laos with Go Indochina Tours to set up your own long trip to the charming country – Laos. Escaping from the bustling and crowded cities, you will have a chance to be deep in the peaceful and tranquil environment of the magnificently natural sceneries. Are you ready for our discovery?

Laos Attractions – Best Off the Beaten Track in Laos

1. Muang Ngoi Neua

Being a typical-of-Northern-Lao and ancient village, Muang Ngoi Neua gently ensconces on the bank of Nam Ou River with the traditionally casual lifestyle. Setting the steps on this bucolic land, you have to say goodbye to bustling streets, ATMs or internet connection so as to be fully immersed in the peaceful atmosphere here. Graded earth roads and the wooden houses which are beautifully decorated with vivid flowers have become a symbolic image of Muang Ngoi Neua. In addition, there are a diversity of interesting activities during your trip such as rowing the boats along Nam Ou River to witness the daily lifestyle of the local people, exploring the majestic caves near the village, fishing or climbing the mountains to admire the scenery from a brand-new view. Muang Ngoi Neua is considered as a rustically undiscovered landscape in Laos for the foreign tourists.

peaceful Muang Ngoi Neua in Laos

2. Si Phan Don

Located in the south of Laos, vast Si Phan Don Archipelago is dubbed as “the land of 4,000 islands” that is picturesque and famous for rare Irrawaddy dolphins. Besides the wild and majestic natural scenery, Si Phan Don also attracts the visitors thanks to its exotic position – in the over-1-kilometer-long stretching part of the Mekong River in Champasak province. Rowing the dugout canoe along the river, you can bump into the roofs constructed right on the edge of the water, or hidden behind the tall trees, the dense mountains on the banks of the river, the rows of coconut trees stretching out in the wind, or the laughing echoes of the children wading in the cool river. Another interesting activity is cycling around the island, going through the yellowy rice fields and the fanciful Lagerstroemia forest. The undiscovered landscape in Laos should be added to the list during your long Lao tour.

Si Phan Don best spot to visit in Laos3. Bokeo Nature Reserve

Bokeo Nature Reserve is considered as the hidden heaven of Lao tourism, with the mission of preserving 123,000 hectares of rainforest primeval. The forest has rare biodiversity of mammals such as tigers, bears, elephants, gibbons, buffalos, etc. and is also the residence for a lot of birds and insects. Coming to this undiscovered landscape for the foreign tourists, you can get the experience of moving among tree houses by cable or stepping on unsteady monkey bridges in a tranquil atmosphere. The unique image of the Bokeo Nature Reserve is the pretty houses constructed at the top of the trees where you can enjoy a pristine lifestyle surrounded by the majestic forest.

Monkey-in-Bokeo-Nature-Reserve in Laos

4. Tham Kong Lo Cave

Tham Kong Lo is a limestone cave in Phu Hin Bun National Park (Khammouane Province, Laos) which is annually watered by the Nam Hun Bun River, helping you be able to explore the cave with the romantic little boats. Before going insides, you are suggested to bring a handy flashlight to admire the fully appealing beauty of this landscape. Tham Kong Lo has a height of up to 90 meters so the cave is extremely spacious and covered by the mysteriously jade-blue light, making it become one of the most beautiful caves in Southeast Asia. After the tour around the cave, you can taste roast suckling pig – the famous traditional dish of the region.

Tham Kong Lo Cave off the beaten track in Laos

5. Kuang Si Waterfall

Taking a tour to Laos, you should not miss visiting Kuang Si Waterfall. Only 30 kilometers from the ancient capital of Luang Prabang, Kuang Si Waterfall is not only an unforgettable destination for Lao tour of the native people but also an undiscovered landscape in Laos for the foreign tourists. The visitors will be attracted by the beautiful natural swimming pool hidden in the wild and majestic jungle, with rock-scattered stairs and the clear jade-green water that you can see the bottom. It is easy for you to reach the waterfall by tuk-tuk – the very popular transportation in Laos. At first sight, it will be loved when you encounter the impressive scenery of the Kuang Si complex of three cascades, of which the main waterfall is up to 60 meters high, flowing down to create the white foam and the dense vapor. Coming to Kuang Si, the tourists can not only enjoy the magnificent beauty of the mountains and the natural scenery but also climb and bath in the waterfall. The most enjoyable thing is that everyone will be fully deep in the dulcet harmony of nature in the middle of pristine jungle.

experience kuang-si-waterfall in laos6. Vieng Xai Cave

If you are interested in the historical monuments, Vieng Xai Cave is certainly your ideal destination. Being particularly located in the system of 500 caves, Vieng Xai used to be a refuge for the communist soldiers during wartime, including the school, the shops, the hospital, the barrack, and even the opera house, etc. The capacity of the cave is up to 23,000 people, nowadays, being able to meet the demand for the developing tourism of this country. Joining the tour, you can listen to the stories of the brave and courageous struggle against the enemies of the Lao people to regain independence. In addition, you can also admire the palatial beauty of the Vieng Xai mountain ranges in the sky or the tranquil image of the roofs on the river at the foot of the mountain.

Vieng-Xai-Caves best plce to visit in Laos