8 Undiscovered Landscapes in Vietnam| Top Off the Beaten Track for Indian Travelers

8 Undiscovered Landscapes in Vietnam for Indian Travelers

If you are about to set up a 2-week Vietnam or Indochina tour package, besides the every-one-know tourist sites in Vietnam, let’s try some of the undiscovered landscapes for foreign visitors that will totally amaze you with fabulous beauties and attractiveness. The most pleasant thing is that your long trip will be colorfully highlighted with majestic sceneries without botheration of the bustling crowds and noises. It sounds exciting! Let’s discover right now!

Undiscovered Landscapes in the North of Vietnam

1. Moc Chau (Son La)

About 300 kilometers from Hanoi, Moc Chau is an ideal destination for tourists with hills of green tea that have been taken care by skillful farmers or seasonal flowers which fit anytime you want to visit this poetic land such as white rapeseed flower fields and wild sunflowers (from October to January) or plum flowers and peach blossoms (in February and March), etc. It is also a wonderful place for you to enjoy the fresh air without the dust and smoke like in the big cities, and peaceful atmosphere among the friendly villagers. One of the most interesting things you should do when visiting Moc Chau is staying at homestays which are vividly decorated with unique shapes and colors surrounded by the majestic nature, getting your attention right at the first time.

explore Moc Chau best things to do in Vietnam trip

2. Mu Cang Chai (Yen Bai)

Saying goodbye to bustling cities, there will be an unforgettable memory for foreign tourists to discover pristine landscape in the mountainous area – Mu Cang Chai – to be immersed in the immense space with naiveté local people. Majestic forests, magnificent masterpiece of terraced fields and the fragrant smell of sticky rice have created the remarkable beauties attracting the travel-aholic. In addition, visitors are allured by the impressive waterfalls which are considered as eco-tourism destinations in Mu Cang Chai province.

Mu Cang Chai best spot to visit in Vietnam

3. Thung Nai (Hoa Binh)

The name of Thung Nai derived from the historical event when there used to be a lot of deer existing in this valley. The land has become a favorite landscape for the native tourists, but still an undiscovered attractive site for the foreigners. Coming here, you seem to bump into “Halong Bay in the mountain” with small limestone mountains and majestic caves. Moreover, there are a diversity of beautiful sights that you should not miss during the trip to Thung Nai such as Mu village, floating market, Thac Bo cave, etc. all of which have been keeping the pristine pulchritude surrounded by vast forests. Besides, do not forget to feast on flavorful local cuisine like Da River grilled fish and Muong pork meat.

discover Thung Nai (Hoa Binh) must thing to do in Vietnam tour package

Undiscovered landscapes in the center of Vietnam

4. Thien Cam Beach (Ha Tinh)

Thien Cam known as “melody of the sea” which is the most beautiful beach in Ha Tinh province is located about 20 kilometers from the south of the city center. The beach is praised for the immaculate beauty with the clean environment and tranquil sandy beach which are extremely suitable for the tourists keen on exploring isolated lands. Furthermore, the sea waves are very gentle, not as powerful as the northern beaches in Vietnam, which is supposed to be the melody of the heaven and creates a unique characteristic for the poetic beach.

Thien Cam Beach (Ha Tinh) in Vietnam

5. Thien Duong Cave (Quang Binh)

Being dubbed as “the royal palace under the ground”, Thien Duong Cave is one of the most magical and magnificent wonders in the world. The cave which is located near 4 kilometers from the edge of the western branch of Ho Chi Minh Highway is surrounded by the primeval forest Phong Nha – Ke Bang National Park. With the length of 31.4 kilometers, the width of 30 to 100 meters and the height of 60 to 80 meters, it is considered as the longest dry cave in Asia and be one of the most spectacular caves all over the world. Stepping into the cave, tourists will be delighted to imagine the endless variety of stalactites and stalagmites that were called with the beautiful names such as Cung Thach Hoa Vien, Cung Giao Tri (where the Jade Emperor discusses with the courtiers) surrounded by the stalactites shaped like the unicorns, the phoenixes. Besides, the perfect temperature which oscillates around 20 centigrade will bring you an extremely comfortable attitude during the hot summer days to explore the wonderful cave.

Thien Duong Cave (Quang Binh) in Vietnam

6. Cu Lao Cham (Hoi An)

Located on the road of silk, aromatherapy, and international ceramics, Cu Lao Cham used to be a trading port and a fishing ground, associated with the prosperous period of Tra Kieu – the capital of Champa Kingdom from the 15th century. Leaving the bustling transactions behind, this land possesses a charming beauty with not only poetic natural sceneries, fresh and cool air but also abundant biodiversity. Beside the attractiveness of the majestic mountains, the azure sea, and the aquatic, terrestrial ecosystems, Cu Lao Cham preserves the historically cultural heritages such as Hai Tang pagoda, the Cham well in Cam hamlet, ancestral temple of bird nest, Thanh Hoang mausoleum, etc. which have proved the prosperity of Cham people and the ancient Vietnamese thousands of years ago. If you want to visit undiscovered landscapes in Vietnam, Cu Lao Cham should be included on the list.


Undiscovered landscapes in the South of Vietnam

7. Nam Du Island (Kien Giang)

Being the most remote place of Kien Hai Island (Kien Giang district), Nam Du archipelago humbly ensconces in the pristine and unspoiled nature, which will certainly bring visitors many exciting discoveries. On the way to Nam Du, the ship will pass through Hon Tre, Hon Son – the beautifully pure islands and the scenic southwest sea in Vietnam. Moreover, there are a lot of intertwined lands; each of which has its own unique appeal. Coming here, you can go scuba diving to catch squids and fish or to admire the colorful coral reefs. It will be an unforgettable memory to conquer Nam Du Lighthouse that is located at the top of the 300-meter-high hill and be overwhelmed by the fabulous sunset.

discover Nam Du Island (Kien Giang) from Vietnam trip

8. Dong Thap

Vietnam has various landscapes stretching from the North to the South, and Dong Thap is one of the should-not-miss lands when you set your steps on Mekong Delta. About 170 kilometers from Ho Chi Minh City, Dong Thap is famous for the tranquil atmosphere in the countryside and diverse ecosystem. Let’s close your eyes and imagine you are in this peaceful place, rowing the boat to pick up lotus on Dong Sen Thap Muoi, paddling along the canals to enjoy the view of typical Vietnamese villages, and admiring a magnificent image of thousands of birds flying up high in Tram Chim National Park. This is also an ideal area for the tourists, who are interested in flora and fauna to learn about approximately 130 types of plants, hundreds of vertebrates, dozens of fish species and more than 198 types of waterfowl, accounting for about a quarter of all bird species in Vietnam.

Dong Thap best destination in Vietnam to visit